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    Air suspension centrifugal blower

    High speed permanent magnet synchronous motor ▲Direct drive, no power loss ▲Using permanent magnets to maintain efficient operation
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Air suspension blower


High speed permanent magnet synchronous motor

▲Direct drive, no power loss

▲Using permanent magnets to maintain efficient operation

▲Change the frequency through the inverter, the number of revolutions can be up to 60,000 RPM

▲Compared with capacity, the heat-proof structure is compact

▲Designed for high speed operation

▲It only needs to be rated at 4.5% to start

▲Starting times more than 20,000 times Start-Stop Cycle test

Finished impeller

The impeller of PM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous) motor is processed by the most advanced aerodynamics technology, and it has the same technology as aeronautical engineering, guaranteeing the highest performance with the most exquisite design and precision.

▲Using high hardness heat treatment aluminum AL7075 material

▲ Improve accuracy and durability through 5-axis machining

▲ lightweight, less power loss

▲ wear-resistant and directly connected to the shaft

▲ power transmission efficiency can reach 100%

Efficient frequency converter for optimal performance of equipment

▲Using international famous brands: Yaskawa, Finland, /ACON, etc.

▲Start the motor with very little current

▲Automatically maintain the highest efficiency operation, reduce electricity bills

▲ low noise, high performance

▲ Built-in DC reactor, can suppress power supply harmonics (lTHD40%)

▲ precision operation, soft start

▲ Control efficiency can reach more than 96%, with high stability and reliability

▲ fast response to sudden load changes

▲KEB (Kinetic Energy Back-up) is installed inside, which can quickly and safely stop the equipment when power is cut off.

▲ Sensorless technology to prevent equipment from running at high temperatures

▲ less than 1% of starting current

▲ 3 % no-load power consumption

▲ lightweight design

User-friendly control panel

▲ Maintain a certain pressure, flow rate and speed through the PLC control system, control is easy to use the RS485 port to achieve remote control using the modbus RTU protocol

▲ Real-time monitoring of flow, pressure, temperature, number of revolutions, etc. through the LCD screen

▲Using the touch room, easy to operate

▲Support multi-language texts (Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese), etc.

MP (permanent magnet synchronous) motor cooling system

▲Using air cooling system, only need to inhale outside air to achieve perfect cooling effect

▲ No need to add cooling water to reduce the failure rate




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