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What if the Roots blower is noisy?
2019-03-02 16:53:35

What if the Roots blower is noisy? -Warl Machinery, some customers report that the Roots blower has a lot of noise during use. Why does the Roots wind machine have noise? Is there a problem with the quality of the product itself? Sometimes the noise of the Roots blower is not necessarily a quality problem, or it may be caused by the daily maintenance work. The Roots blower produced now is low noise, if there is high noise, proof Roots The fan has failed, what is the cause? Now Xiaobian can give you an analysis and how to solve it:

  First, the pressure caused by the blockage of the Roots blower pipe rises, then we need to clean or replace the pipeline

Second, improper installation of the belt cover causes vibration, then check the reloading belt cover;

Third, the motor bearing wears and replaces the new bearing;

Fourth, the Roots blower enters the dust to cause damage, and the fan must be dismantled at this time; (you can find a special staff, do not disassemble casually

5. No lubrication will cause high noise. Check the oil supply system at this time;

6. Poor lubrication, always clean the drip nozzle and oil filter;

7. Pull the pulley loosely and tighten the top wire;

Eight, the V-belt slips and adjusts the belt tension.

The above points are to analyze the noise and solutions of the Roots blower. In case of such a situation, the noise of the Roots blower can be solved by referring to these data. When encountering the noise of the Roots blower, do not worry, first stop to check what is the reason, if If you can't find the reason, you can consult the professional repair Roots blower manufacturer. No matter how strong the quality performance of the Roots blower, you can't do less than the maintenance work every day. Only the maintenance of the Roots blower will make the fan have a long service life.


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