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Two major faults and troubleshooting methods in the use of Roots blowers
2019-03-25 17:42:38

At present, Roots blowers are machines and equipment commonly used in many jobs. The survey shows that the use of Shandong blowers has grown rapidly. People often encounter some faults during use, and it is inconvenient to ask some Roots blower professionals. The Zhangqiu Luozi Fan Factory summarized two common faults and gave some simple troubleshooting methods, hoping to help.

First, the impeller of the Roots blower rubs against the impeller. The reason for this state may be: there are polluting impurities on the impeller, causing the gap to be too small. In this case, it is necessary to check and remove the dirt in time and check the internal parts for damage. Gear wear, resulting in large backlash, need to adjust the gear clearance, if the gear side clearance is greater than the average 30% ~ 50% should replace the gear. If the gears are not securely fixed and the impellers are not synchronized, the gears must be reassembled to maintain a taper contact area of 75%. When the bearing wear causes the clearance to increase, the bearing needs to be replaced in time.

Second, the temperature of the Roots blower is too high. It may be because the oil in the three-blade blower tank is too much, too thick, and dirty, which requires lowering the oil level or oil. If the filter or muffler of the blower is clogged, the blockage needs to be removed. It may also be because the pressure of the blower is higher than the specified value, and the pressure difference across the blower can be reduced. It may be because the impeller is excessively worn and the gap is large, so it is necessary to repair the gap. It may also be because the ventilation is not good, the indoor temperature is high, the inlet temperature is high, and the vent is opened, and the room temperature can be solved. If the running speed is too low and the belt slips, the speed should be increased to prevent the belt from slipping.


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