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Some reasons why the Roots blower belt is easy to break
2019-03-29 16:33:05

I believe everyone has heard the theory of screws.

An inconspicuous screw also has an indelible contribution. Indeed, this is crucial for any machine, whether it's a screw, a nut, or any obscure gadget.

The same is true for the Roots blower we use. Even a simple belt!

Some time ago, the user came to consult the belt of the Roots blower, and it was not good to change a few pieces in succession, but it was impossible to find out why. Today, I will give you a list of the reasons why the Roots blower belt is broken.

The main reasons are as follows:

1. The belt tension is not enough, causing the belt to slip, causing the belt temperature to rise and burn the belt.

2. The exit pressure of the Roots blower is too high or the gas flow is too large, so that the machine is overloaded and the belt is broken.

3, Roots blower is not flexible, causing the belt to break

4. The Roots blower pulley is not centered with the motor pulley, causing the belt to break.

5, belt quality deviation

6. The belt and the pulley V-groove do not match, and the load cannot be broken after wear.

7, Roots blower belt in high temperature environment

8, the time is long, natural aging

Under normal circumstances, the Roots blower belt can be replaced once a year. If it breaks frequently below this time, and the quality of the belt itself is removed. Then you have to consider the other reasons above. All in all, if you don't understand the situation, call the manufacturer in time to find a professional solution to avoid unnecessary losses!

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