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Insulation structure of high voltage motor
2019-03-05 16:28:54

The key part of the design, production and manufacture of high-voltage motors is the insulation structure. The rationality of the insulation structure and the manufacturing conformity directly affect the performance and life of the motor. Different motor manufacturers have different treatment methods.

Current transformers are important equipments for power plants and substations. The performance of products has an important impact on the safe and stable operation of power systems. Factory testing is an important part of ensuring product performance. The insulation resistance test is the basis of other high pressure tests and is a simple and commonly used test method.

First, the composition of the motor insulation:

The overall insulation of the motor consists of the following parts:

1. The insulation of the wire itself;

2. Winding layer and phase insulation;

3. The winding is insulated from the ground;

4, lead wire, connecting wire, end band wrapped insulation and winding impregnating varnish.

The above four parts of insulation are distributed between the strands of the coil or winding, the turns, the rows, the phases, the ground, and the wires (such as the connecting wires) and the end hoops. They are combined with the insulating impregnating varnish to form the whole set. Insulation of the motor.


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