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How to strengthen the maintenance of Roots blower
2019-03-22 15:37:44

First, the following preparations should be made before the Roots blower is turned on, and the intake regulator and bypass pipe should be fully opened. Check that the filter inlet is fully open and that the filter is always open. The depth of the lubricating oil layer should reach 3 to 5 cm above the specified oil line. The models should also be paired to ensure the smooth flow of the cooling water system. The impeller must be transported flexibly without frictional collisions. Always clean the fan regularly. Keep the fan free of debris within two meters. Repair tools should be prepared to avoid timely repairs in the event of a breakdown. After the above work is ready, you can boot it.

Secondly, after the Roots blower is in normal operation, the staff often pays attention to whether each component is working properly. It is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the components at all times. It is necessary to observe whether the temperature of each component is suitable. If there is noise in the muffler of the Roots blower, stop working immediately, look for willingness and repair in time. In order to reduce the noise of the Roots blower, you can install a muffler, or you can use the crypt method to dig a hole in the ground about 4~5 meters deep. The upper part of the crypt is sealed, and a duct is used to introduce the air inlet into the crypt, and another duct is used to introduce outside air into the crypt. The two ducts are stepped into the bottom of the ground as much as possible. This method can ensure that the noise of the Roots blower is reduced.

Then it is to ensure the normal shutdown of the Roots blower. Wait until the basic wind of the wind pressure drops to zero, then you can cut off the power supply and then close the intake valve and cooling water system.


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