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How to properly disassemble the high voltage motor during maintenance
2019-03-16 16:21:56

How to properly disassemble the high voltage motor during maintenance:

    High-voltage motors, also known as high-voltage motors, are motors with rated voltages above 10,000V. High-voltage motors play an important role in the operation of production equipment and the completion of production tasks. If the high-voltage motor fails, it will be repaired by a special motor repair shop. The repair time of the high-voltage motor is relatively long, and the repair cost is relatively high. Master the correct disassembly steps and timely repair the faults to ensure the normal production activities. Then how to disassemble the motor when the high voltage motor is repaired?

How to properly disassemble high voltage motor during maintenance

    1. Remove the external wiring of the high-voltage motor and mark it. For example, for the asynchronous motor, the marking corresponding to the three-phase power line should be made. For the DC motor, the shunt winding, armature winding, etc. should be separately prepared. The corresponding mark of the wiring. Then loosen the foot screw to separate the motor from the drive mechanism.

    2. Disassemble the pulley or coupling on the motor shaft. Sometimes it is necessary to add some kerosene to the gap between the motor shafts of the pulley to make it penetrate and lubricate, which is easy to disassemble. Some axles and wheels are tightly fitted, and the wheels need to be heated quickly to remove the wheels.

    3. For the motor with rolling bearing, first remove the bearing cover, then loosen the fastening screw of the end cover, and mark the joint between the end cover and the housing shell, the fastening end will be removed. The cap screws are screwed into the two screw holes specially provided on the high-voltage motor end cover to push the end cap out.

    4. When disassembling the motor with the brush after repairing the high-voltage motor, the brush should be taken out from the brush holder. For the DC motor, the position of the neutral line of the brush should be marked. When extracting the rotor, be careful not to damage the stator coil. If the weight of the rotor is not large, it can be pulled out by hand. If the weight is large, it should be lifted with lifting equipment.

    In short, high-voltage motors are important equipment for people to produce, and attention should be paid to the analysis and summary of their faults. It is necessary to find out the faults of the bearings, the lead wires, the cooling system and the rotor in time, master the correct fault handling methods, and do regular maintenance work to ensure the normal operation of the high voltage motor.


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