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How to deal with the Roots blower belt heating
2019-03-26 17:08:51

As a member of the integral part of the Roots blower, the Roots blower belt has a pivotal role in the linkage between the motor and the fan, and the fan pulley heat is often seen in the process of the fan, which makes the customer feel confused, is there a quality problem with the fan? ? Today, Xiaobian will bring you a solution to the heat of the Roots blower belt.

1: The cause of problems with the Roots blower belt is usually that the belt is too loose, which will cause the Roots blower belt to heat up. The manufacturer should adjust the belt of the fan to a proper tightness before leaving the factory. This ensures that the fan runs smoothly. The loose belt will not only cause heat, but also cause damage.

2: The tight belt will also cause the belt to heat up, and it will affect the linkage of the fan. It will be lost during the power transmission. The too tight belt may even break during the operation, so neither loose nor too tight. Well, therefore, the fan manufacturers should rigorously test all aspects of the fan to ensure that the fan is running well.

3: Roots blower belt heating is even worse in summer. Some customers want to pour water on the belt to cool the fan belt. Xiaobian reminds you here that this method is very wrong, although it will make the belt temperature drop. However, it will seriously affect the fit of the belt and the pulley, and the friction will cause insufficient power transmission and slippage. If the water is accidentally flown into the fan, the internal impeller of the fan will rust and will lock up for a long time, causing the Roots blower to be damaged.


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