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How many kilowatts can a windmill windmill turn around in a circle?
2019-03-21 11:45:49

Speaking of electricity, playing games in our lives, watching TV, etc. are not the same as being able to leave electricity. People used to burn fuel such as coal to generate electricity, but the use of thermal power will cause great damage to the environment. People began to use water, wind, solar energy and other means to generate electricity. In our daily electricity use, hydropower generation has propped up half the sky. For example, the annual power generation of the Three Gorges Hydropower Station is as high as 90 billion kWh.


When it comes to wind power, many people will find it very interesting. We all know that each wind turbine is equipped with three blades on it. It looks like a big windmill. It has a strange shape. These blades are not very fast when they are rotated, so some people think it turns around. The amount of electricity generated is very small. Do you know how much electricity can be generated by turning these big windmills?


According to the different rotating shafts of wind turbines, wind energy generators are divided into horizontal axis wind turbines and vertical axis wind turbines. The principle of wind turbine generators is actually very simple, that is, the wind blows the wind energy generators. The huge blades generate kinetic energy, which is then converted into electrical energy by the internal generator. In the process of conversion, no harmful substances are produced, so the environment of the earth can be well protected.


In all wind energy generators, according to the high power of the wind energy generator, the electric energy generated by each rotation of the wind energy generator is also different. For example, the more common 2MW direct-drive wind power generator is in the case of sufficient and stable wind energy. Wind turbines can generate 2000 degrees of electricity every 60 minutes, and the blade needs 3.5 seconds per revolution, 60 minutes is 3600 seconds, so the generator generates 0.56 degrees per second, then the wind generator The amount of electricity generated by each revolution of the fan is 0.56 × 3.5 seconds, which is 1.94 kWh.


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