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High-voltage motor reverse braking and energy braking features
2019-03-04 16:16:32

Reverse braking and energy braking are two important points of high-voltage motors. If you want to know about high-voltage motors, these two are the first to know. So Xiaobian is here today to introduce the characteristics of reverse braking and energy braking. I believe that understanding these two important points, you will have a deeper understanding of high-voltage motors.

       The high-voltage motor is generated because the motor power is proportional to the product of voltage and current. Therefore, the power of the low-voltage motor is increased to a certain extent. The current is limited by the allowable capacity of the wire, or the cost is too high. A high power output needs to be achieved by increasing the voltage. Next, the characteristics of reverse braking and energy braking of high voltage motors are introduced.

       When the power supply is reversely connected, the relative rotational speed of the rotating magnetic field of the rotor and the stator is nearly twice the synchronous speed of the motor, so the reverse braking current flowing through the rotor winding at this time is equivalent to twice the starting current at the start of the full voltage of the motor. Therefore, the reverse braking torque is large and the braking is rapid.

       In the energy consumption braking, the control method for accessing the DC power is different, and there are two kinds of time principle control and speed principle control. Both methods require the addition of a direct power supply and a transformer, and the braking is slow.

       In the "positive-reverse-stop" control circuit of the motor, the composite button has already played an interlocking role. Why should the interlocking of the contactor's normally closed contact be used? When the contactor main contacts are "sold" together by a strong arc or the contactor mechanism fails, the armature is stuck in the pull-in state, and if the other contactor is activated, a short circuit will occur. When the contactor normally closed contacts are interlocked with each other, the occurrence of a short circuit accident in this case can be avoided.


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