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Factors affecting the exit temperature of the Roots blower
2019-03-19 16:59:10

The factors affecting the exit temperature of the Roots blower include: volumetric efficiency of the fan, working pressure, internal leakage of the fan, and temperature of the suction air.

Some of the above factors have been shaped once the fan is formed, which has a great relationship with the technical level of the wind turbine manufacturer. What we can do is to reduce the outlet pressure, lower the suction air temperature, or think that the outlet temperature is lowered by other means. In many cases, the sewage treatment plant is limited by the process and the export pressure cannot be lowered.

Shanghai Ruiqi Roots Blower

You can start from the following aspects:

1. If the Roots blower is installed indoors. Conditional air conditioning can be installed. Don't worry about air conditioning and electricity bills. Because the motor temperature rises by 10 degrees, the life expectancy is much lower.

Therefore, indoor air conditioning can extend the life of the equipment and reduce the outlet temperature.

2. If the soundproof cover is installed, the door of the soundproof cover must be opened in the summer. As far as I know, the domestic soundproof cover does not have any sound insulation effect at all, but it increases the ambient temperature, which causes the temperature of the inhaled air to be high and the outlet temperature to be high.

3. Minimize pipeline pressure loss and other pressure losses.

4, tell you an empirical formula, the outlet temperature of the three-leaf Roots blower = inlet temperature + (10-12) * pressure, where the unit of pressure is the meter column.

For example, if the water level is 6 meters, the pressure loss of the pipeline and the loss of the diaphragm (the membrane of the sewage plant aeration pipe) is 1 meter, and the ambient temperature is 30 degrees, then the outlet temperature will be 100-114 degrees.

So from this formula you can understand the significance of lowering the inlet and outlet pressures. As far as I know, many Roots blowers are equipped with soundproofing fans. In the summer, the inlet temperature is over 45 degrees.

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