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Do you know which Roots blower components are too hot?
2019-03-13 14:51:10

The temperature of the Roots blower is very high, and even some customers describe it more realistically: the spit is up and down. The temperature of the Roots blower is usually too high: two parts: the casing, the blessing tank

The casing is a very easy to heat component. According to common sense, the Roots blower will dissipate heat as long as it works, but the temperature is generally around 100 degrees. It is very dangerous to exceed this temperature. The gas temperature of the Roots blower is mostly 40. Around °C, after the fan is compressed, the temperature is generally raised at about 25 °C, and once the temperature exceeds the threshold, there is a risk of failure.

Another component that is prone to overheating is the main and auxiliary fuel tanks of the fan. There is only one single fuel tank. There are two fuel tanks in the double fuel tank. The gears are equipped with gears. When the gears rotate, a lot of heat is generated. In the case of damage to the gears, the gears mesh with each other and generate high heat. If the temperature exceeds the threshold, the lubricant in the tank will fail and the fan will have complications.

Some high-pressure Roots blowers generate a large amount of heat during use, which increases the temperature of the fan. For such unavoidable conditions, water-cooled Roots blowers have emerged. The main components for cooling water-cooled fans are also the casing and the fuel tank.

There are many reasons for the excessive temperature of the Roots blower, such as: the pipe is not smooth, the gate valve is not fully open, the impeller damages the friction, the gear damages the friction, the check valve is reversed, the selection is not allowed to cause the temperature to be too high, and the temperature of the conveying gas is too high. higher. When using, check the Roots blower to avoid high temperature.


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