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Analysis of insulation and drying problems of high voltage motors
2019-03-28 17:50:00

The application of high-voltage motors in the industry is more and more extensive, and the existing problems are also exposed. The article makes a comprehensive description of the insulation breakdown of high-voltage motors, and proposes some improvement measures in the process. In addition, several methods for moisture-proof drying of high-voltage motors are briefly introduced. Today, high-voltage motors have been widely used in many industries such as water conservancy, papermaking, metallurgy, mining, and power generation. However, high-voltage motors are also faced with problems such as aging of the stator winding insulation of the motor and low electrical insulation strength. By aging the motor, it can correctly reflect the degree of motor aging. These also have some reference for the new factory motor test.

In recent years, with the rapid growth of steel demand in the market, China's ferroalloy industry has developed rapidly. In the ferroalloy industry, high-voltage motors have also been widely used. At the same time, the failures caused by high-voltage motors in use and their causes The loss is also getting bigger and bigger. The environment in which the motor works is very harsh. In a humid environment, the motor must be protected from moisture and dryness to ensure efficient, safe and normal operation of the equipment. Take necessary measures to improve the motor in a humid environment. Service life is especially important.

Years of practice have shown that the normal operation of the power-up Timak high-voltage motor, all aspects of the work must be fully done, can not ignore any small details, generally for the large-capacity high-voltage motor drying treatment, shell iron damage drying stove method It has wide applicability, is safe and easy to implement. It requires fewer equipment and instruments, and the process is reliable, convenient and simple. For large-capacity motors that are not easily pulled, disassembled, and moved, it is recommended to use the iron loss drying method for drying. For the judgment of the aging state of large motor insulation, there will be a broad application prospect. It is also necessary for the staff to continuously accumulate problems in the work, and continuously develop, research and improve to supplement.


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