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How does the high voltage motor work?
2018-02-02 14:31:51

There are two types of high-voltage motors, one is called DC generator and the other is called high-voltage motor. The relationship between the two is very similar. It can be said that there is no difference except for the opposite process. High-voltage motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, just like light bulbs, and all kinds of electric products in life. DC generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, such as solar generators, wind generators, etc. we see. Series of power generation equipment.

High voltage motor

In fact, the materials used in the two are basically the same, mainly composed of coils, magnets, batteries and sports facilities. The main principle is the electromagnetic induction phenomenon and induced electromotive force learned in high school.

The electromagnetism is used to drive the work of the sports equipment. This is the high-voltage motor; the magnetoelectric principle is used to store the electric energy, which is the DC generator. 1. Speed regulation:

1.At present, the AC motor can only achieve three-speed speed regulation, and the DC brushless motor can achieve stepless speed regulation between 0-1900 rpm, which can greatly facilitate the user to select the appropriate speed. Increased comfort in product use.

2. Noise: Double reduction of starting noise and running noise is realized: First, DC frequency conversion realizes soft start, and balanced operation state eliminates noise generated when the range hood is started. Secondly, the user can select different frequencies according to the usage requirements. Between 0-1900 rpm, the corresponding operating state is selected, and the noise is always in the ultra-low range. 3. Air volume: The DC brushless motor itself has the characteristics of high starting torque, strong overload capability and hard load characteristics. When the user actually uses the motor, the motor speed is higher than that of the AC motor, and the air volume is higher than the AC motor.

4. System efficiency: High efficiency is the advantage of DC brushless speed control system. In the full pressure efficiency of the range hood, it can be 7-8 percentage points higher than the AC motor, reaching 29.78%.

5. Energy-saving: Energy-saving has become the development direction of home appliances in the future. Range hoods are also used in households every day. Although they are not used for a long time, the current efficiency of AC motors is too low. Still very big. The space for energy saving by high-voltage motors is very large. Through experiments, AC asynchronous motors require 180W of input power under the same air volume, while high-voltage motors only need 80W. DC motors are more than 50% more efficient than AC motors.

6. Motor weight and temperature rise:

Due to the permanent magnet structure, the DC brushless motor weighs only 70% of the AC motor. The motor temperature rise is only 50% of the AC motor when running at full speed at room temperature.

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