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Analyze the performance of high voltage motors?
2018-02-02 14:31:00

The structure of the high-voltage motor is relatively simple, and the brushless electronic governor that really determines its performance is good. The good electronic governor needs to have the overall control of the process of single-chip control program design, circuit design, complex processing technology, so the price It is much higher than a brush motor.

First, the meaning of high voltage motor

  The growing concern about the environment and energy has promoted the development of electric vehicles and accelerated the competition of world powers in the field of electric vehicles. Under the current battery technology constraints, how to improve power efficiency and improve the driving history of electric vehicles is the focus of the electric vehicle industry. The high-voltage motor has large starting torque, good speed regulation performance, high efficiency, high energy density, strong overload capability, stable performance, safety and reliability, and is an ideal driving motor for electric vehicles. The industrialized production of high-voltage motors has a positive effect on improving the performance of electric vehicles, promoting the development of the electric vehicle industry, and making China's electric vehicle industry catch up with the world's advanced level.

Second, the advanced nature of high-voltage motors

  Electric vehicles are mainly used for urban traffic. The vehicles are in the working state of starting, accelerating and braking most of the time. Therefore, the starting performance, acceleration performance, efficiency at low speed, energy regeneration ability during braking, overload capability of the motor, The energy density and motor reliability of the motor are especially important for electric vehicles and are important indicators for measuring the electric motor. At present, there is no special motor for electric vehicles. Only general-purpose motors, such as DC series motors, DC-excited motors, permanent-magnet DC motors, and asynchronous motors, can be selected. The load characteristics of the universal motor are constant load characteristics, while the characteristics of the electric vehicle are variable load characteristics. The characteristics of the two motors do not match, which affects the output of the motor and affects the performance of the electric vehicle. In addition, the efficiency points of the general-purpose motor are designed around the rated point. When the load deviates from the rated point, the motor efficiency drops sharply, which affects the driving range of the vehicle. Switched reluctance motors have large torque at low speeds, but the efficiency is low. Permanent magnet synchronous motors have higher efficiency, but the torque cannot be increased at low speeds. Only the high-voltage motor has all the advantages of the above motor. It has the low-speed torque boosting function of the series-excited DC motor, the speed regulation performance of the DC motor, the high-efficiency characteristics of the permanent magnet synchronous motor and the reliability of the asynchronous motor. The need for electric vehicles. High voltage motors are ideal for electric vehicle drive motors.

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